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All Convertible Ds' Information & Photos

Information about the existence of Porsche 356A Convertible Ds built in 1958 & 1959. We need to track all 1,331 Ds made, so send information about your D, or even your previously owned D, to the Convertible D Registry, c/o John Chatley. To submit info, just click on Register Your D and fill in the form as much as possible — it's easy.

Some much older information needs updating as well — take a look at the D list on this site.

For photos of your Conv. D, email John at and attach your photos — please include the car's VIN.

We can't stress enough how important every D's information is to complete the list. This includes parted, scrapped, converted and buried Ds as well!

Information on the Earliest Ds

Information about the earliest built Convertible Ds, especially VINs 85502 - 85554. Please help. All information is important. We need to fill in the gaps. Contact John Chatley at

Original Convertible D Carreras

I'm seeking information on the only two original Carrera engine Convertible Ds ever built — VINs 86124 and 86125.

Where are they? Even if the engines aren't in the cars, wouldn't you love to see these two at the next Porsche event?

Wanted — Engine Cases for Convertible D Owners:

# 70401
# 71677
# 71792
# 72649
# 72857
# 73204
# 73506
# 73576
# 74195
# 74709
# 82388
# 82637
# 83482
# 83614
# 83688
# 83907
# 83987
# 84202

Come on Porsche, VW owners & "car guys", let's find these original engines and/or cases missing from their Convertible Ds. Take a look at your engine cases on the back shelf or on the garage floor. Check your old VWs & dune buggies, too. Please contact John Chatley at, and he'll get the info to these Conv. D owners at NO COST.

Information on Rear Panels and Door Wedges

We know that the early Convertible Ds had rear interior upholstered panels on each side of the rear shelf (see photo at right). So far, VINs 85514 (lowest VIN to report) until 85879 (latest car to report with a build date: 01/10/59) had the rear panels. Convertible Ds 85886 & 85887 also reported having the rear panels, but no documented dates so far. Conv. D 85887 is the 1st car designated as being built in calendar year 1959, according to factory documents, although note 85879's date. Can your D extend the range? Please let me know.

Early Convertible Ds also had aluminum "door wedges" in the lock post (photo at left) until sometime in mid to late-April 1959. So far, the latest D reporting to have the early door wedges is VIN 86219 built in early April, 1959. 86226 has reported it does not have them (and has original doors). Owners of VINs 86227 or later, please let me know if your car has door wedges.

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