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Accessories & Options

Porsche offered special accessories for the Convertible D, listed below. They were included in the February 1959 Accessories brochure (cover shown at right). In addition, the standard factory accessories were also available for the Convertible D. Other 356A accessories could be special ordered in addition to special paint colors.

Item #
100. 2 Reclining Seats for Convertible D.
101. Bucket Seat for Convertible D.
102. Cigarette Lighter for Convertible D.
103. Ash-Tray under dash board for Convertible D.
104. Foam Rubber Cushion as seat resp. luggage support for Convertible D.
105. Plastic Suitcase for Convertible D, fitting on tunnel.
106. Cover for Top of Convertible D, plastic.

All information courtesy of Charlie White, DerWhite's Porsche 356-A Factory Accessories (Late), (DerWhite Productions, Phoenix, AZ, 2004)

Original Tool Kit

Photo of Orr Potebnya's original tool kit from his '57 Speedster. If you have an original, extremely nice, tool kit from a Convertible D, please contact John Chatley to contribute photos.Click to view larger photo.

Contributed by Eric Cherneff, Porsche 356 Tool Kits.

Sunvisor Mounting

It seems that sunvisors or sunshades were an option for Convertible Ds and were not very common. They could be ordered as a set of two, or for either the driver or passenger side.

The photos shown at right seem to demonstrate how Convertible D sunvisors were mounted from the factory. The outside hinge was held on by a single screw that also went through the top latch receiver. The inside hinge used one screw directly into the windshield frame.

Another owner of a D with an original windshield frame has indicated that the sunvisors were also held by only one screw per visor side, but totally separate from the top latch receiver mount (photos to be provided soon). Both versions are consistent with the July, 1959 Spare Parts List which states Part no. A M4x7 DIN 7988-MS as "Countersunk convex-head screw, cross slotted, brass chromium plated for sunshade (Sonnenblende) fastening", and lists 2 screws per Sonnenblende. Larger photo.

What has been your experience? If you have an original Convertible D with a factory installed sunvisor(s), please contact me at

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